2021 Holiday Gift Guide: The Best Stocking Stuffers for Women

Can you believe the holiday season is just around the corner? You may have noticed the beloved PSL is back in stock at Starbucks and that the sun is setting earlier (hey, an earlier bedtime is never a bad thing.)

There’s a lot to look forward to in the coming months. Family time, Halloween and Christmas movie marathons, delicious, homemade food, and so much more. 

We don’t mean to spike any anxiety with this next sentence, but: you should start planning holiday gifts now, rather than later. Yes, we said it – pause here if you need a few moments to let reality set in.

We’re here to make the holiday shopping process a little less nauseating by gathering a list of our favorite stocking stuffers for women that your friends, family members, and coworkers are sure to love. With a skincare focus, these products are some of the most practical while still offering innovative approaches to your skincare regimen.

What are good things to put in a stocking?

Well, this entirely depends on the person, of course! You could be like my mother, who gifted each of my siblings and me dental hygiene products—yes, toothbrushes, floss, and mouthwash were literally our gifts from Santa. (Don’t get me wrong, those were essentials to receive as stocking stuffers and I definitely made use of them!)

Generally, when searching for stocking stuffers, you don’t want to spend an inordinate amount of money, as these are just the “starters” to the “entrees” your friends and family will later be receiving in the form of gifts under the tree. A few smaller, cheaper items are great to include, and even better if you can buy them in bulk and distribute them among your loved ones. They don’t have to be too specific to their taste, as these are usually small gifts that will make them smile.

Is it rude to give skincare as a gift?

No! Skincare products are like any other gift – they’re meant to make a person feel good, not serve as a comment or observation of their current state, self-care routine, style, etc. It’s the perfect way to encourage loved ones to really love and care for the skin they’re in. One of the greatest benefits of gifting skincare is that it doesn’t lay around going unused (i.e. it’s not a waste of money). The skincare product you may be gifting them may be a purchase they’ve been wanting to make, but simply haven’t had the chance to for a variety of reasons.

skincare gifts for the holidays in box on table

Top 10 Best Stocking Stuffers for Women in 2021

There are so many ways to show love through gift-giving, which is why we’ve created this list of our favorite stocking stuffer ideas, including everything from dermarollers to face masks to nipple pasties. Have fun, and don’t be afraid to make a few purchases for your future self. Everyone’s stocking is getting filled this year.

1. Rose Quartz Roller

  • Quartz rollers might just be the true definition of physical self-care. These facial massage tools have become a popular skincare routine essential for folks looking to add a special, finishing touch to their morning and/or nightly routines. Perfect for locking in your skincare products, the stone glides smoothly across skin with your serum of choice. In addition to the skincare benefits, it also feels like a massage on tired skin, is fairly easy to use, and has some allergy-reducing benefits. Check out our blog for more information on additional benefits and how to properly use our quartz roller.

2. Gua Sha Stone and Jade Roller Set

  • If the person in your life loves to relax, enjoys skincare, and the idea of a daily “facial yoga routine” excites them, get them on the gua sha train. Traditionally an ancient Chinese practice and well-known tool in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), the gua sha stone is a powerful healing tool with surprising benefits, such as a reducing puffiness, regulating lymph fluid production, de-stressing, and more. They can also personalize their experience by applying their favorite oil and working their way across their neck, shoulders, and face. Your gift-ee will be in a state of complete relaxation post-gua sha use. Learn about the differences and benefits of gua sha and jade rollers here.

3. Everyday Mineral Sunscreen SPF 30

  • Why not give the gift of protected skin this holiday season? As we learned in our How to Prepare Your Skin for Cold Dry Weather (Winter Skincare Routine) article, cold weather shouldn’t stop you from applying sunscreen daily. Our mineral sunscreen is a lightweight, UV-blocking zinc oxide sunscreen that keeps you protected. Zinc oxide sunscreens are known for their mineral-based formula that won’t irritate sensitive skin. It’s a comfortable wear with a natural finish, is odor-less, and doesn’t leave your skin feeling greasy or with a frustrating whitecast.

4. Vitamin C Serum

  • The next skincare stocking stuffer essential is the Sdara Vitamin C serum. This serum serves as an antioxidant-based serum with multiple skin benefits. Its formula consists of 20% Vitamin C and 5% hyaluronic acid, the latter of which helps lock in moisture to your skin for additional hydration. Since hyaluronic acid is a moisture binder, your skin is going to be more plumped up, smoother, softer, and silky to the touch. When used on a daily basis, the Vitamin C serum can produce powerful results, such as a more dewy, radiant complexion. What’s even better is that it works on every skin type from dry to combination to oily.

5. Microneedling Derma Roller

  • Microneedling may sound like a scary, unapproachable gift to receive, but fear not, friends. It might just be the best stocking stuffer your loved one(s) receive this year. Microneedling, or the act of creating tiny punctures in your skin, provides a whole host of incredible skincare benefits, including reducing acne scarring, improving skin texture issues, and boosting collagen production. You learn more about the truth behind dermarolling and how is can completely change you skin here. We advise your lucky gift recipient to try it out and see how their skin reacts before rolling every day and applying multiple products over it. Additionally, our Vitamin C serum makes a great pairing to our dermaroller.

6. Hydrating Facial Mask

  • Who doesn’t love a luxurious spa experience with the help of a facial mask? These hydrating facial masks contain hyaluronic acid, giving your skin that extra moisture and hydration-packed love it needs on those brisk winter days. The masks are also paraben- and fragrance-free, 100% biodegradable, and plant-based. It’s the perfect “treat-yo-self” end to your skincare routine (remember to cleanse your face and apply serums before putting on a mask) and will surely leave you feeling and looking more radiant.

7. Marula Oil

  • We’d like to introduce you to another incredible facial oil (assuming you haven’t met yet). Hailing from sub-Saharan Africa, marula oil is extracted from the nuts, seeds, or fruit of marula trees. With a slightly nutty scent and a light yellow hue, it is known for its use in food and African traditional medicine. Western skincare has recently adopted this oil, with appearances on TikTok, YouTube, and social livestreams. It’s benefits are vast and powerful, including deep moisturization and hydration, guarding against free radicals, and helping produce essential proteins that help keep skin firm and supple. You can learn more about marula oil here if you're interested!

8. Nippies Skin

  • Nippies Skin are the ultimate must-have for anyone wanting to subtlety and seamlessly cover up their nipples in an outfit. With adhesive and non-adhesive options, choose between powerful security when you want to go sans-bra or when you’re seeking extra coverage under thinner bras and workout tops. There are also three different semi-transparent tones and 2 sizes to choose from (pro tip: go lighter if they’re in-between shades.)

9. Nippies Basic

  • Wanting to give that special someone in your life something more fun and fashionable to work with? These nipple covers come in fun shapes and sizes (who thought pasties could be this much fun?) The covers shape to your breast for a comfortable, wrinkle-free fit with breathability. Go swimming, shower, workout, and more without worrying about them coming off, with its waterproof design.

10. Double-Sided Tape

  • B-Six’s double-sided tape is perfect for keeping your clothes in place, because that should be the last of someone’s worries. The double-sided tape is adhesive on both sides, as the name suggests, and comes in three different sizes to perfectly fit the clothing you’re wearing.

Gift-Giving Doesn’t Have to be Painful

We understand the pressure (but also the importance) of giving people you love what they deserve; it’s a love language and even if it isn’t yours, it’s still a wonderful way of showing appreciation for someone. Thankfully, giving your loved ones stocking stuffers doesn't have to be so scary. 

We hope our list takes some of that pressure off and brings a smile to your loved ones’ faces when they take out their products.

Contributing Writer: Evan Neuhoff