5 Holistic Wellness Practices for the Fall Season

Fall is the perfect time to focus on your wellness. With the changing temperatures in weather and the care-free days of summer gone, it is the right time to get your body in peak health for the holiday and winter season. Fall is the gateway to redefine your wellness plans. Here are 5 holistic wellness practices and their benefits to start this fall season.

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The Top 5 Holistic Wellness Practices for Fall

illustration of people eating healthy food to boost immune system

1. Boost Your Immune System

Keeping your immune system in tip-top shape doesn’t have to be complicated. There are specific immune boosting strategies to tackle that will shield you from illness.

Take A Vitamin D Supplement Every Day

  • As the days get cooler in the fall with more cloudy days, you are naturally going to spend more time inside. That may mean you aren’t getting the proper amount of Vitamin D you need to fortify your immune system. This may leave you more susceptible to illnesses that are going around. Fall is the start of flu season after all. A multi-vitamin supplement that contains Vitamin D will do that for you. The recommended amount of Vitamin D to take each day is 10–20 micrograms or 400–800 IU/day. Check the back of the bottle to make sure you are getting the optimal amount.

Eat A Whole Foods Diet

  • Eating a whole foods diet includes lots of seasonal foods, herbs, and spices. By using in season foods, you are getting the most nourishing vitamins and minerals in everything you eat. When foods are harvested in their peak condition, they are truly the best for you.

Drink Echinacea Tea

  • If you are starting to feel a little less than fabulous, rundown, or lacking energy going into the fall season, drinking an herbal tea containing echinacea may help. Echinacea can help to fight off the flu, helps healthy cell growth, and can even control blood sugar. So what exactly is echinacea? It’s a part of the herbaceous flowering plant in the daisy family. All of these things together can help you achieve holistic wellness for the fall.

Increase Your Water Intake

  • It’s also helpful to increase your water intake. If you aren’t getting your recommended eight glasses a day, it’s time to be more aware of the water you are drinking. Even in the fall and winter months, people tend to become dehydrated because it’s easy to sweat more with all those layers on in the brisk weather. Water is so important to stay healthy. The right levels of hydration can help your digestion, keep your body at the right temperature, and aids in the transportation of nutrients throughout your system.

vector illustration of women sleeping happily in her bed

2. Improve Your Sleep Cycle

Getting the right amount of rest each day can improve your total wellness. You ideally want to aim for 8–9 hours each night. When there are longer periods of darkness after daylight savings time, it can be a problem to feel less energy later in the day. At least with daylight savings, we “fall back,” but gain an hour of sleep.

Establishing healthy sleep habits can do wondrous things for your immune system. A good habit to get into is making your bedroom area a “no-phone” zone. The blue light emitted from your smartphone is going to naturally keep your brain and your body into an energized state. Putting that smartphone away before you get into bed may help you fall asleep faster.

illustration of women staying active by doing yoga

3. Stay as Active as Possible

When those chilly temperatures filter in, it can be tempting to curl up in your house and basically hibernate. Don’t do that. It’s vital for your wellness journey to stay as active as you can. Take a couple of yoga classes each week or grab a buddy and bundle up for a fast paced walk to get your heart rate going. There are all kinds of fun indoor activities you can do in the fall and winter months. Think outside the box to find some new activities that excite you. How about aerial aerobics, indoor swimming, or even a new dance class? Trying things you haven’t done before to keep active is so much fun. You may find a passion for an activity that you will fall in love with.

The more you move, the healthier you’ll feel. Exercise not only keeps you fit, but it’s going to release endorphins that make you feel great. This can also help to ward off any seasonal depression issues that tend to come up for people in the fall and winter months with less sunlight to enjoy.

Those cooler months can also slow down your circulation and metabolism, which also weakens your immune system. Exercise is the antidote for all of those issues.

illustration of women taking care of her skin with a face mask

4. Take Care of Your Skin

Your skin can undergo some changes with the fall weather. It’s important to invest in your skincare routine. Moisturize more if you need it with the right skincare products for your skin. Or you may want to add a facial oil for a boost in hydration. Sdara Skincare’s Marula Oil is the perfect way to nourish your skin and keep it well hydrated going into winter. It’s also full of antioxidants like Vitamin E that will make your skin glow with a healthy radiance.

Don’t forget your sunscreen as well during the fall and winter months. Even if you aren’t getting as much sun, it’s still there, and it’s just as important to protect your skin, when you want to prevent premature aging. Check out our blog for other ways to take care of your skin for every season.

illustration of women relaxing on the couch while drinking tea

5. Slow Down and Enjoy the Season

One of the best ways to revel in your holistic wellness plan is to just slow down and enjoy the season. Take a few moments each day, when you can, to just look at the beautiful fall leaves, read a book, journal (check out these journal prompt ideas), or even meditate. Whatever you enjoy doing in your downtime is important for wellness. Letting your brain take a breather and relax is good for you.

Having the right amount of relaxation time is going to be beneficial for your body and mental health in many ways that will allow you to feel mentally and physically stronger. To have the ultimate holistic wellness plan it’s vital to take a mind and body approach. Being strong from head to toe will definitely be your reward for following these tips.

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