Everything You Needed to Know About Jade Rollers and What NOT to Do

The cultural obsession with youthful, supple skin has only risen over the years as Instagram influencers and celebrities sport perfectly unaged bodies, seemingly untouched by the stressors of life or inevitable UV ray exposure. From luxurious creams and injections of botox or filler to even more extensive and permanent surgical procedures, we live in a culture that wants nothing to do with aging and everything to do with appearing unrealistically ageless—but you already knew that.

That’s why you’re here. 

Personally, I’m okay with aging. I’ve accepted that my skin will eventually wrinkle, my hair will gray, and my body will lose its once Herculean strength. However, I’m all for keeping myself as healthy as possible, fading any marks and blemishes, and preserving that youthful, dewy glow for as long as possible. My personal nighttime routine is short and sweet but provides me with the self-care, relaxation and reassurance that I’m properly taking care of my skin. 

Let me reiterate: The goal has never been perfection, but rather embracing and caring for what’s already there—even your seemingly perfect dermatologist forgets to re-apply sunscreen from time to time. (You’re already a hottie! Accept it!) This is the same skin we’ll sport for the rest of our lives, after all.

When jade rollers started appearing on my newsfeeds and some of my favorite influencers started using them, I was intrigued (and also slightly skeptical). I had no knowledge of its use or history. What is a jade roller? How should I use it? Is it something I should be incorporating as an additional step in my skincare routine? Does it even work?!

In order to answer these questions, I did some research.

Where do Jade Rollers come from?

Jade rollers have been around for centuries, originating during Ancient China’s Qing Dynasty. At that time, they were used by elite dynasty members to massage their faces. 

The jade stone wasn’t chosen randomly, either: it is a naturally cool-to-touch stone, which helps with de-puffing and feels great on your skin. Many also believe in the stone’s protective and harmonious energies, which can be transmitted through jade-rolling.

Woman using Sdara jade roller on face

What does a Jade Roller do?

A jade roller is essentially a massage tool for your face. Like massaging other parts of the body, you can expect to see and feel some powerful and instantaneous results. The physical and repeated movements on the face allow for an increase in blood circulation, flushing out toxins, toning facial muscles, lymphatic drainage and helping serums spread and absorb into your skin.

In a multi-step skincare routine, it’s the perfect finishing touch to help you relax, unwind, and give your skin the TLC that it deserves. Consider it a meditative yoga practice for your face and neck.

Ok, so how do I use a Jade Roller?

Make sure your jade roller is clean. Dust and bacteria can gather on your roller, so it’s important that you not transmit those particles to your skin. Take a warm, damp cloth and anti-bacterial soap and thoroughly wipe the facial roller. Let it air dry by resting on a separate soft cloth.

Apply serums. After you’ve applied all your skincare products, the last step in your routine is to use your jade roller. Take your favorite serums or oils and apply a few drops to your skin; this will help the jade roller glide across your skin, rather than tugging and stretching it out. Additionally, it serves as a sealant for the products you’ve already applied to your face. 

Like the rest of your body, you wouldn’t massage it without applying a little first; your face isn’t any different.

Begin rolling. The general rule when using a jade roller is to move upwards and horizontally. For example, start from the center of your chin and move upwards along your jaw towards your ear, repeating on the opposite side. Do this along your cheeks, your forehead, and lips.  The one exception is your neck—start right below your ears and roll downwards toward your clavicle. Remember that you don’t need to apply a lot of pressure. Gentle glides are enough to produce results.

Personalize your routine. Whether you’re doing it to relax after a long day, keep your skin tight, or drain your lymphatic system, adjust your routine to suit you and your needs. Make it an enjoyable experience using your favorite products and don’t be afraid to experiment with what feels good.

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How often should I use my Jade Roller?

To see the best results, use your jade roller at least once a day. I prefer to incorporate it into my nighttime routine, but it’s also a great way to get up in the morning and bring some radiant energy to your sleepy face.

What should I avoid when using my Jade Roller?

  • Having an unwashed or unmoisturized face. Similar to using an unclean face roller, you can spread bacteria and oils all over your face. Grab your favorite cleanser and wash your face well before initiating the jade rolling process. If you’re just waking up in the morning and you’re confident your skin is already clean and happy, you can skip this cleansing and go straight to moisturizing.
  • Using the jade roller without applying a serum. This can have adverse effects on your skin, including stretching it out and causing unnecessary friction. It completely detracts from the relaxing experience and doesn’t feel good at all. Apply that oil or serum to help the jade roller glide effortlessly across your skin.
  • Rolling downwards, rather than upwards. I already mentioned this above, but it bears repeating again: don’t roll in downwards motions. The upwards movement helps lift skin, expands and opens up energy throughout the face, and helps remove the puffiness caused by excess fluid build up.

Final Thoughts - Jade Rollers

Using a jade roller can be an extremely positive experience as well as a great addition to your routine—even more so if you follow the above guidance, remain consistent with your usage, and have realistic expectations. 

It’s not going to give you a face lift overnight but it will leave you feeling and looking refreshed after every use. Overall, I love how relaxed my face feels after jade rolling. We hold a lot of tension in our faces—our eyes, our jaws, cheeks, lips, forehead—and into our neck and shoulders. Massaging your muscles in these areas can be incredibly soothing. 

Best of all, prepare for an influx of compliments on how youthful and energized you look. 

Happy jade rolling!