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How to Improve All Signs of Aging With Your Derma Roller

There are many things you can do to take care of your skin. You probably have an entire shelf dedicated to various skincare moisturizers, serums, and masks. Are they truly giving you the type of skin that glows with health?  Did you know that the number one concern most people have in regards to their skin is aging? That includes all signs of aging, such as fine lines and wrinkles, age spots, uneven texture, loss of radiance, and lack of elasticity. In more basic words when you lose elasticity, it leads to sagging skin. So all those problems can leave you feeling pretty hopeless about your skin. Don’t worry though. We are here at Sdara Skincare to tell you about one simple tool that can greatly improve all signs of aging. Have you heard of a derma roller? It’s truly an inexpensive device that when used with the right skincare routine can make significant changes in your skin for the better. Let’s look at the ways that by adding this anti-aging tool, it can give you the skin of your dreams. Youthful. Radiant. Gorgeous.


A Skincare Tool That Takes Anti-Aging to a Whole New Level

Our Microneedle Skin Roller or “derma roller,” as this skincare tool is sometimes called, is a great way to improve all signs of aging in very little time. You’ll see immediate results after using this just one time. Then week after week is when the big changes will start to take place. You’ll have healthier skin that is more youthful and glowing. Skin that makes people ask you, “have you been on vacation because your skin looks amazing?” They will be dying to know your skincare secrets. The Microneedle Skin Roller takes anti-aging to a whole new level. 

The reason it works is this handheld device has tiny microneedles that as you roll it over the facial skin, stimulates and exfoliates at the same time. This encourages your skin to shed dead skin cells, while you energize your collagen production for newer skin that is more flawless week after week. 

This is the type of treatment that you used to have performed exclusively at the dermatologist office. They call it collagen induction therapy or CTI. Now you can have your very own derma roller right at home. Plus, you’ll save a considerable amount of money in the process. Our device is less than $25 and you can receive a 10 percent discount if you subscribe to have one sent every couple of months. That’s the replenishment rate of the derma roller. You should use a new one every two months to make sure you are getting the best treatment possible. 


Improves the Look of Fine Lines and Wrinkles

Using the derma roller on a weekly basis (just once per week), you’ll find that the look of fine lines and wrinkles gets diminished. This is especially true when you add a vitamin C based serum to your skincare routine. Our Vitamin C Serum is an antioxidant based treatment that also contains hyaluronic acid which helps to retain moisture and plump up the skin. You’ll see smoother skin that is totally hydrated and radiant.  


Gives You a Serious Radiance Boost

Another benefit to using the derma roller is powerful exfoliation. When you exfoliate this way on a regular basis, you’ll find that your skin has a renewed energy. It’s a serious radiance boost that you’ll love to see. Glowing healthy skin needs exfoliation to maintain that look. 

Your skin will be more even in tone and texture. When you use the derma roller, all of your other skincare is going to be more beneficial. The skincare products will absorb more easily deep down into the layers that are less superficial. You’re making a bigger difference in your skin when you commit to using the derma roller. 


Fades Age and Sun Spots (Hyperpigmentation

We know how important it is to use sunscreen every day to prevent premature aging in the skin, but sometimes hyperpigmentation or age spots show up anyway. Using a derma roller can help to improve the look of dark spots on the face. The extra exfoliation and boost in collagen in the skin can help to fade age spots as you use the device. Keep in mind it does take some time to see the results. Rest assured, you’ll see major results after just four weeks. Then when you continue using the derma roller on a regular basis, the hyperpigmentation that was plaguing your skin will be a thing of the past. 

Here’s the science part. The dark spot is an overproduction of melanin. That melanin is broken up by the motion of the derma roller. Those tiny titanium microneedles are helping you shed that top layer of dead skin producing more flawless skin underneath. 


Will Help to Improve Elasticity 

The derma roller helps to trigger elastin and collagen production. That’s why elasticity is improved in the skin. You’ll have less sagging skin as a result. Skin will be plumped up and rejuvenated. Your skin will be stronger and more youthful as the weeks go by. 


How to Use Your Derma Roller

It’s so easy to use your derma roller in less than five minutes. All you have to do is cleanse your face first. Then sanitize the head of the derma roller with alcohol. Next you’ll roll it in one direction over your facial skin 4 or 5 times. Then roll the other direction the same number of times. After you have used the skincare tool on your face, clean it, and put it away. Then apply your regular skincare including serums like the Vitamin C Serum, your moisturizer, and eye cream. 

You only need to use the derma roller one time per week. It’s a very powerful little tool that is very effective at reducing signs of aging in the skin. 


Learn More About Our Roller 

If you have questions about how to use the derma roller, what kind of serious improvements it will make in your skin, and how to order one as quickly as possible, send us a message! Our frequently asked questions page is very informative, as well as our videos on how to use the derma roller. Learn more about the benefits of microneedling for hair regrowth

We want you to feel at ease with aging gracefully. Beautiful, radiant, and youthful skin can be yours again when you start using a derma roller today.

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Carolina Ferguson
Carolina Ferguson

August 19, 2020

Hi there! I just wanted to find out what size length are the needles on the Derma roller? Thank you!

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