How to Transition Your Skincare Routine From Winter to Spring

Blog written by Sdara Skincare.

As winter comes to an end and the weather begins to warm up, there's nothing more important for your skin than adjusting your skincare routine to the season. A winter skincare routine may require a good moisturizer for the winter drought, but you'll need our trusted Everyday Mineral Sunscreen with SPF 30 as the sun begins to peak out. 

Why? Because beach trips, sunny vacations, and even walks around the neighborhood can cause damage to your skin if you're exposed to the sun for too long. The spring season also introduces new allergies and radical changes in weather/temperature that your skin can't combat on its own. While you may still use some of the same products, some small skincare routine adjustments will go a long way in keeping your skin glowing and healthy as you transition into the new season. 

woman smiling in spring with fresh skin by using a spring skincare routine

How does spring affect your skin?

Depending on where you live, spring comes with a host of changes that your skin isn't prepared for:

  • The temperature fluctuates between hot and cold throughout most of the season
  • Humidity is at its highest
  • Spring allergies surface
  • You're out in the sun more

How does this affect your skin? The temperature changes and high humidity can cause breakouts in the spring, triggered by the increase in sweat and oil production that is clogging your pores. 

Likewise, allergies can cause inflammation and a yellow hue. According to Avail Dermatology, prolonged exposure to spring allergies without protection can cause your skin to appear off-color and dulled.

As for the sun, sunscreen protection is required to protect your face from sun damage (although not as much as you will need in the summer!). 

self confident woman smiling outside in the spring using a spring skincare routine

How can I change my skincare routine in spring?

Changing your skincare routine in the spring doesn't have to be complex. In fact, it often consists of minor changes that help your skin adjust to seasonal shifts. Before anything, consider your skin and the specific changes it goes through from winter to spring.

You may even want to consider discussing these changes with your doctor or dermatologist. Then you can take into account all the following transitional tips that are common in the spring and apply them to your skincare routine needs. 

There are three changes you must prepare for as you transition into your spring skincare routine:

  1. Take your hydration routine to the nighttime — spring days are full of more activities than winter days, so you'll want to do most of your moisturizing at night. For added hydration and solution to dark circles, you may want to consider Sdara's Gold Gel Eye Mask. Not only is it soothing but it promotes brighter, healthy skin and has preventative ingredients (i.e., peptides, snow mushroom, sodium hyaluronate, etc.). 
  2. Wait two-to-three days — always be cautious of potential allergies or reactions when adding new products to your skincare routine. This will ensure they are safe for you to use while making it easier for you to pinpoint the problem if you do have a reaction. 
  3. Give your skin time to adjust — it can take anywhere from two to eight weeks for your skin to adapt to new skincare routines and products. Always wait at least two months before analyzing results and making changes to your routine. 

woman with clear skin outside enjoying the sun during spring

5 Ways to Transition Your Skincare Routine From Winter to Spring

There are at least five tips to keep in mind as you prepare to transition from your winter to spring skincare routine. 

1. Get a Weekly Hydrating Mask

As the temperatures change and allergies worsen, fighting off your dry skin will be essential in combating common spring changes. We recommend the Sdara Hydrating Facial Mask because it will make your face feel clean and soft after each use while giving your skin the extra boost of hydration it needs to survive the season. 

2. Add in an Exfoliating Cleanser

The next best thing to do for your skin in the new season is to have an exfoliator on hand to get the dead cells off your skin. Between all the allergens and skin changes, your skin will be shedding more cells as it repairs itself. Deep cleanings offered by a good exfoliator can make your skin more susceptible to your other skincare routine products. After all, clean skin absorbs products much better than dirty skin. 

3. Switch Out that Heavy Winter Moisture with One that is Lightweight

Consider switching to a lighter moisturizer in the spring as winter comes to an end. Winter called for A LOT of hydration since it's cold, and you mostly be inside. However, you'll be out and about more in the spring. All that moving around will cause you to sweat, which could cause more breakouts if your moisturizer is too heavy. 

4. Add More SPF to Your Skincare Routine

As the sun begins to poke out in the spring, it's time to amp up your SPF skincare to protect your face from sun damage. While you don't need as much as you need in your summer skincare routine, you will need more than you were using for the winter. AA Dermatology recommends an SPF that is 30 or greater because although the sun isn't as vibrant in the spring as it is in the summer, "90% of the sun's rays can penetrate through clouds."

5. Lighten Your Make-Up

As you start getting outside more after being cooped up for the winter, you will also want to lighten your make-up routine. Although there are plenty of great make-up products out there that are good for your skin and have great ingredients, the extra sweat in your daily routines will cause clogging and breakouts. We recommend a tinted moisturizer instead of your usual heavy foundation to help your skin breathe better and have longer coverage. 

Spring Into Action With a New Skin Care Routine

As the season changes, so do your skincare needs. Making small skincare routine modifications like adding more moisturizer in the winter, using hydration masks in the spring, and employing a stronger sunscreen for your summer skincare routine are essential to keeping that beautiful glow all year round. Everyone deserves to look and feel their best. Sdara is here to accommodate all your skincare routine needs in one place, so you don't have to go any season without beautiful, healthy skin. 


Contributing Writer: Brandi Yetzer