How to Use Vitamin C Serum and the Benefits

Finding the right skincare for your face can be difficult. Do you have a vanity shelf full of products that aren’t doing a whole lot for your skin? It’s hard to tell just by looking at a bottle or jar of skincare products whether or not they are going to do anything for your skin at all. It can be very frustrating and a huge waste of money. 

There is a product that has been proven very effective in targeting certain skin problems. It’s Vitamin C. That’s right good ol’ ascorbic acid is a powerhouse for the body, not only in citrus food that we eat or drink (oh, hello orange juice!), in supplements that we take, but also when used topically on the skin it can solve some serious skin issues. 

At Sdara Skincare, we offer Vitamin C Serums for face benefits you are going to love - because it really works. Let’s explore how to use a Vitamin C Serum in your routine to get more healthy looking skin. 

What Is Vitamin C Serum?

A Vitamin C Serum is an antioxidant based serum that has multiple benefits for the skin.  Sdara Skincare Vitamin C Serum is 20 % Vitamin C and 5 % hyaluronic acid which helps to bind moisture to the skin. Since hyaluronic acid is a moisture binder, your skin is going to be more plumped up, smoother, softer, and silky to the touch. It’s the perfect partner to the Vitamin C. 

The serum also contains Vitamin E, which is going to help the Vitamin C Serum benefits absorb better as well. It makes the Vitamin C more stable and there will be less irritation in the skin. The Vitamin E acts as a buffer to deliver the Vitamin C Serum benefits gently to the skin. 

What Skin Problems Does Vitamin C Target?

Vitamin C Serum targets quite a few different skin issues in both corrective and preventive ways. It can correct a dull complexion making it brighter and more glowing. You’ll find that when you use it on a daily basis, your skin is radiant and healthier looking. 

Another issue Vitamin C corrects is dark spots or hyperpigmentation. After using it for 8 weeks, you’ll see that discoloration is faded with a smoother, more even complexion as the reward. 

In preventative care, our Vitamin C Serum will also help the skin fight off free radicals in the environment that can age the skin. That’s the antioxidants working for you to keep your skin’s collagen and elastin healthy. When collagen and elastin breakdown, that’s when you have issues with skin sagging and loss of volume. That’s why it’s so important to prevent these problems so you can have more youthful looking skin that can fight off visible signs of aging. 

So you can see that Vitamin C Serum benefits your skin in so many ways. It’s not only going to make it look better on the outside, but your skin will have a better defense against aging. Think of our Vitamin C Serum like a protection shield for your skin. 

Can Any Skin Type Use Vitamin C Serum?

Yes, absolutely any skin type can benefit from using a Vitamin C Serum. It’s meant to be compatible with oily, normal, or even very dry skin. 

Plus, for those with old acne scars, it’s going to help to renew the surface texture of the skin making those marks appear less visible. 

How to Use Vitamin C Serum in Your Skincare Routine 

In general, you want to incorporate a serum into your skincare routine after you cleanse and before you moisturize. Since serums are lightweight they are meant to go underneath heavier products. 

Another way you can use our Vitamin C Serums for face is after you cleanse your skin, use our  Derma Roller Micro Needle Skin Roller.  Then apply a few drops of the Vitamin C Serum. Smooth it gently over the skin. Let it absorb before you apply your moisturizer and  Mineral Sunscreen

The Derma Roller is going to exfoliate dead skin cells to give your skin that ultimate glow. By using the Vitamin C Serum after freshly exfoliating the skin, it’s going to penetrate and absorb better. That fresh skin is going to be super ready to receive all the benefits of the Vitamin C Serum. 

Quick Takeaway Steps to More Perfect Skin

  • Cleanse
  • Derma Roll
  • Apply Vitamin C Serum
  • Moisturize
  • Use Mineral Sunscreen 


Before and After Using Vitamin C Serum For Face 

Before using a Vitamin C Serum, you are probably experiencing dull skin that is uneven in tone and just doesn’t have any radiance to it. Maybe you have used a variety of skincare products without ever really seeing any beneficial results. 

After you use a Vitamin C Serum, that’s all going to change. You’ll notice right away how much more energized and invigorated your skin looks. It’s going to be smoother, more even in texture, and will have that desirable glow that just makes your complexion look healthy. 

Are you ready to see all the amazing improvements that Vitamin C Serums for face benefits can provide to you? It’s real results. Seriously. Feel free to  send us a message at Sdara Skincare, if you have questions about how our Vitamin C Serum can improve your skin in so many ways. We’re happy to introduce you to the wonders that a Vitamin C Serum can do for your skin.