Marula Oil Benefits for Hair, Skin, and Nails

Don’t you just adore multipurpose beauty products? We certainly do. Which is why at Sdara Skincare we’re happy to discuss this incredible skincare product. It’s Marula Oil! This amazing cold pressed organic oil has serious beauty boosting abilities for quite a few parts of your body. Marula Oil benefits hair, skin, and nails in so many ways. 

You’re going to love how easily it absorbs with long lasting hydration you can feel. Let’s look at all the ways Marula Oil benefits you to make your hair, skin, and nails the best they can be. Healthy. Glowing. Radiant. Marula Oil has it all, and so much more, that just have to try it as soon as possible. 

Where Marula Oil Comes From

Marula Oil comes from a plant species that is idigenous to the Marula tree of South Africa. It’s called the Sclerocarya birrea in scientific terms. The oil can be created from either the nuts or seeds which are considered the “fruit” of the tree. 

The oil is cold pressed to extract the glorious silky smooth substance that has been used for centuries in Africa. It was used for all kinds of body treatments for both men and women. Mothers even used it on their babies to massage and calm them down. 

Slightly yellow in color with a pleasantly nutty scent, it’s even considered a delicacy in cooking for old school traditional and modern recipes. The ways that Marula Oil benefits many uses is just a testament to how fantastic and special the oil truly is. 

In this case, our Sdara Skincare Marula Oil is going to be your new best friend for hair, skin, and nail treatments. 

General Marula Oil Benefits

Some of the general qualities of the Marula Oil that make it perfect for beauty treatments are the fact that it’s loaded with antioxidants. Antioxidants can have an impact on cells by slowing down damage called by free radicals in the environment. Specifically, it contains Vitamins C and E. This helps make Marula Oil an exceptional treatment in the anti-aging category of skincare. 

The content of omega-9 fatty acids, also known as oleic acids, in Marula Oil is why it’s so beneficial for skin. It helps to restore the skin’s natural moisture barrier making it more soft and supple. 

It also has anti-inflammatory properties which can help soothe redness and inflammation in the skin. Many people with skincare conditions like rosacea, eczema, or psoriasis can see improvements with regular use of Marula Oil. 

As an oil that is considered non-comedogenic, Marula Oil won’t clog your pores and lead to breakouts or blemishes. The linoleic acid content will also help to regulate oily or acne-prone skin too. 

So no matter what your skin type is from oily to dry, your skin will be able to use Marula Oil benefits. 


Marula Oil Benefits for Hair

Is your hair color-treated, dry, lifeless, frizzy, or suffering from split ends? The Marula Oil benefits for hair are amazing. You’ll find that once you start to use Marula Oil on a weekly basis your hair is going to be more hydrated, soft, and smooth. 

Frizz is decreased so that the shaft of your hair lays smoother without puffing up during humid weather. 

After a few weeks of use, you’ll also notice that split ends are less noticeable. Hair really responds to the hydration, and the oil won’t leave a greasy feel because it’s lightweight and highly absorbent. 

There are a few different ways to use Marula Oil for your hair. One use is right after the shower as a type of leave-in-treatment and frizz preventer. Smooth 3-4 drops all over damp hair from the roots to the tips. 

Another way is to apply a couple of drops to dry hair to prevent flyaways during the day when you’re restyling your hair. 

You can also use Marula Oil as a deep conditioner. Apply 10-15 drops to damp hair, leave in for a few hours, or even overnight, and rinse thoroughly in the shower. Then shampoo and conditioner as you normally would.

When you use Marula Oil in a number of different ways you’ll discover just how much healthier your hair will look and feel.  

Skin That Glows From the Marula Oil Benefits 

Marula Oil benefits your skin from the nourishing richness the oil provides. You can have glowing skin that is radiant with life once you use it on a regular basis. Ideally, you want to use Marula Oil to seal in moisture after you use your water based moisturizer products. 

It’s perfect for your face, neck, and chest areas. Use 3-4 drops, warm it up between your fingertips, and rub it gently into the skin. Use it both morning and night for best results. 

The texture, tone, and moisture levels of your skin will be balanced and hydrated. You’ll notice that fine lines and wrinkles appear less noticeable. That’s because Marula Oil is solving the problem of dehydrated skin making it plumped up and ripe with moisture. 

Nails Are Nourished With Marula Oil Benefits 

Another place that Marula Oil benefits is your nails and cuticles. If you find that your nails and cuticles are dry, cracked, and splitting from dehydration, you can rub Marula Oil into your hands to solve this problem. 

It’s so helpful due to the Vitamin E and emollient qualities of the oil. Keep a bottle right by your bedside to dab a few drops into your nails and cuticles before you go to sleep. 

Another tip is to keep a bottle by where you normally watch television. That’s also a good time to massage a few nourishing drops into your hands. It’s a great routine to get into for healthier nails and cuticles. 


For Extra Glowing Skin Here’s a Bonus Tip

For extra glowing skin, here’s a fun tip. Use our Rose Quartz Facial Roller for 5-10 minutes per day and follow up by applying a few drops of Marula Oil into your skin. This is truly the best way to refresh the skin, boost your circulation, and make sure that your skin looks as youthful and radiant as possible. This combo can’t be beat! 

Your friends and family will definitely notice how amazing and stunningly beautiful your skin looks.


Try Marula Oil Benefits Today 

Now that you know all the Marula Oil benefits, are you ready to jump on board to the Marula Oil bandwagon? It’s such a multipurpose oil that we know you’re going to love it as much as we do at Sdara Skincare. 

If you have questions about this incredible product of the Sdara Skincare family, send us an email! We’d love to chat with you on all the ways that Marula Oil benefits your hair, skin, and nails.