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Marine Collagen Peptides


There’s a vitality to beautiful skin – an undeniable sign of health that you just can’t fake. To get the rewards of a natural glow, nourish your body from within. Our Marine Collagen powder is packed with 18 essential amino acids to help you age with wisdom and grace. Restoring collagen levels which drop as we age, this daily supplement does a buzz-worthy job revitalizing your skin.  


■ Easily absorbed by the body (Highly bioavailable)

■ Supports skin, muscle, bone, and tissue

■ Non-GMO. Gluten-free. Halal and pescatarian friendly.

■ Promotes a youthful-looking glow


Collagen Peptides from Wild-Caught Pacific Snapper

+How To Use

1. Put one scoop in a glass/shaker bottle

2. Add a small amount of liquid, stir thoroughly

3. Pour in 8 oz. of hot or cold fluid

4. Stir until mixture dissolves.

5. Enjoy!

**Mixes best in hot flavoured drinks (coffee), or blended in a smoothie**

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Marine Collagen Peptides Reviews

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    Results Do Happen

    My nails have improved since taking this product. They are stronger and no longer peel. I put it in my morning coffee each day. It dissolves instantly.


    Flavor not that bad in coffee

    I like product so far. A lot of dreams not sure if related to taking product or not. Not long enough to see results but I�۪m happy to say I can put it my coffee like creamer.

    Holly C.

    No Smell or Taste

    So far so good! I۪ve been searching for a non bovine or swine collagen powder for a while. The normal marine products had horrible reviews of fishy smell and taste. Gross! This product has almost NO smell or taste. It dissolves quickly in a hot substance. I use tea. I put the powder in first then add the hot water and stir it up and add my teabag. I۪ve only been using it for two days but I۪m looking forward to being able to update with results.

    Clara Bonner

    Benefits of Marine Collagen

    Marine Collagen Peptides pure Anti aging formula unflavored What is collagen? It's the glue that holds our bodies together; it's a protein that's made abundantly in our bodies. The collagen our bodies produce aides in strengthening the elasticity and regenerate connective tissue tendons bones and joints. _ Benefits: Builds bone strength marine collagen peptides help in the absorption of calcium and other minerals Improves Skin hair and nails . By increasing TYPE 1 collagen levels can help your skin look firmer increase softness and help your skin cells keep renewing and reparing Promotes hair growth Stabilizes blood sugar Repairs and restores muscle bone and tissue Not all collagen is good for you so make sure you research the brand you plan on buying. HIGHLY bioavailable and absorbable. Collagen peptides are the most broken down and free form of collagen on the market allowing for healthier 100%absorption I found @sdara.skincare to be unflavored disolved quickly no matter what liquid I combined it if. Easy to mix no odor that I could smell. Marine collagen can be mixed with water coffee or your favorite drink. Doesn't change the taste. Is a pure protein that does not contain any carbs sugar or fat. Collagen is the complex building block that make sup 80%of our skin. As we age collagen stores become depleted. Soon wrinkles lines and cellulite and loose skin set in. A daily dose of @sdara.skincare marine collagen can firm up loose skin and reverse signs of aging. Thank you @sdara.skincare fir sending me your marine collagen. I am gradually seeing changes to my skin. Time will tell Top 8 benefits if collagen. _ Improves skin elasticity _ Helps joint pain _ Helps with Digestion _ supports hair and nail growth _ Improved metabolism and energy _ controls appetite _ Reduces the appearance of stretch marks. _ helps detoxify the liver Over all I am pleased with the results. Thank you @sdara.skincare for sending me the marine collagen Retails for 45$

    Laura Keyse

    Highly recommend..this product is tasteless .. and dissolves easily.

    I love this product.. I mix it my tea coffee and hot water and honey. I'm coming up to my 63rd birthday.. and I have found a definite improvement in my skin texture and hair.. but also in my joints. One pot lasts me about a month... and I have also found that it decreases my appetite although I don't have a problem with my weight.. I do have to watch my sugar / starch intake.

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