Rose Quartz Roller

Rose quartz is the stone of universal love—and your hard-working skin deserves all the TLC! Roll on the good vibes every morning and night with our superior- quality luxury roller, a tool used for centuries by women in Asia to maintain smooth, glowing skin. 


■ Instantly gives skin a dewy luminosity

■ Helps reduce the appearance of puffiness

■ Physically smooths out and calms skin

■ Incredibly soothing and cooling to skin

■ Helps increase penetration of topical skincare products


100% Rose Quartz

+How To Use

Make sure face is completely cleansed. The rose quartz roller should be moved with little to no additional pressure. Gently glide the roller over skin for 5-10 minutes daily. Apply serums or moisturizers after rolling. Repeat as frequently as desired. 

Can be used on forehead, under eye, lips, chin, jawline and neck.

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