Marula Oil

marula oil
marula oil for face
marula oil for hair
marula oil for face
marula oil for hair
Marula Oil
Marula Oil

Marula Oil

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"I had never used this type of oil before so I was a bit reluctant but after going thru tons of google reviews of the oil itself then seeing the amazing rating here, I took the plunge. I've purchased from this brand multiple times and always had a good experience, this was no different. It is a bit of a heavy oil when applied to the face so I suggest using a cotton pad to help soak any excess but it helped my breakouts and it is AMAZING on hair. My extensions are no longer dried out!" - K.G., Marula Oil Customer 

Our certified organic, unrefined Marula Oil for skin is extracted in the most effective way possible—cold-pressed—to maintain all its remarkable antioxidants. It's the best Marula Oil for skin that's full of nutrients like vitamins E and C, which offer protection against free radicals to keep skin youthfully resilient and glowing.

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Leslie V.
United States United States
My order

I didn’t receive my Marula Oil. Just the Rose Quartz Facial Roller. I didn’t receive any correspondence about the oil or why it wasn’t with my order and I still haven’t received it. Pretty bummed out. I like the facial roller though but paid for both!

Karen D.
United States United States

Oil is a wonderful addition to my skincare routine. Recommend this oil easy to use and absorb into skin.

I Love This Stuff!

This Marula oil from this brand and company is outstanding. It�s priced right and it feels beautiful on my skin. It keeps my skin soft and hydrated. I recommend this!

Caitlyn B.
If you�re on the fence, just go for it. This is a skincare miracle.

I used to use marula oil years ago and LOVED it. I only stopped using it because my bottle spilled, and I could decide on which of the many brands available that I wanted to get. So I kind of just forgot about it and have been using other regular moisturizers. I finally decided to give this one a go, and I am so happy I did. I honestly forgot how amazing marula oil makes my skin feel. My skin hasn�t been this balanced in YEARS. I feel so moisturized, and at the same time my skin in LESS oily when I use this. And I definitely feel like my skin looks younger when I use this regularly. The deep moisturization (is that a word?) makes me look more well rested and my fine lines much less noticeable.

Works like a charm

I love this. It does great. I only use coconut oil due to my face breaking out when I use anything else but Marika oil works great.