Our Story

 “When did I become my mother?”

That thought creeps into everyone’s mind at some point. One day everything is humming along normally when it happens. All of the sudden you say something that only your mother would say. Something the youthful, put together you would never even think, much less say out loud. It can happen in front of a friend, a partner, and happens all.the.time. with your kids. If it hasn’t happened yet - don’t worry. It will. That experience is usually a little startling. But infinitely worse is when you start to look like one of your older relatives. 

You know the feeling - maybe you’re tired, maybe you’ve had a long day, maybe it’s been a few days since you were able to do your whole night routine. But when you look in the mirror, it’s not your face staring back at you anymore. That feeling, the one you have right there in the pit of your stomach? That’s why we started Sdara.



Now don’t get us wrong – there’s nothing wrong with aging. But wouldn’t it be nice if the wisdom and grace that came with those extra years didn’t come with lines and wrinkles as part of the package? Time doesn’t slow for anyone. That’s a fact. If anything, it just moves faster as you get older. But we come with good news: with modern advancements in skin care, there’s no reason we can’t expect a little bit more from our skin as we get older. (And here’s a hint, the secret is not following every single one of the 20 steps outlined in that 19-year-old beauty bloggers routine. A) She’s 19 B) Who has time for that???)

No, the secret has been in front of you all along: a simple, consistent routine made up of high-quality products that are right for your specific skin profile. We know that you’ve tried a million products. We know that you’ve researched ingredients. We have too. And we got tired of the same low-quality, overpriced products that didn’t seem to have any effect.

That’s why we made our own. Because while aging is a fact of life, there’s no reason you shouldn’t be able to age gracefully.