Sdara Skincare Marine Collagen

There’s a vitality to beautiful skin – an undeniable sign of health that you just can’t fake. To get the rewards of a natural glow, nourish your body from within. Our Marine Collagen powder is packed with 18 essential amino acids to help you age with wisdom and grace. Restoring collagen levels which drop as we age, this daily supplement does a buzz-worthy job revitalizing your skin.  


■ Easily absorbed by the body (Highly bioavailable)

■ Supports skin, muscle, bone, and tissue

■ Non-GMO. Gluten-free. Halal and pescatarian friendly.

■ Promotes a youthful-looking glow


Collagen Peptides from Wild-Caught Pacific Snapper

+How To Use

1. Put one scoop in a glass/shaker bottle

2. Add a small amount of liquid, stir thoroughly

3. Pour in 8 oz. of hot or cold fluid

4. Stir until mixture dissolves.

5. Enjoy!

**Mixes best in hot flavoured drinks (coffee), or blended in a smoothie**

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