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"I had never used this type of oil before so I was a bit reluctant but after going thru tons of google reviews of the oil itself then seeing the amazing rating here, I took the plunge. I've purchased from this brand multiple times and always had a good experience, this was no different. It is a bit of a heavy oil when applied to the face so I suggest using a cotton pad to help soak any excess but it helped my breakouts and it is AMAZING on hair. My extensions are no longer dried out!" - K.G., Marula Oil Customer 

Our certified organic, unrefined Marula Oil for skin is extracted in the most effective way possible—cold-pressed—to maintain all its remarkable antioxidants. It's the best Marula Oil for skin that's full of nutrients like vitamins E and C, which offer protection against free radicals to keep skin youthfully resilient and glowing.


Organic Marula Oil Benefits

■ Incredibly high in antioxidants to help you age as gracefully as possible

■ Marula oil for hair, skin and nails!  It's bursting with omega-9 fatty acids, for moisturized and healthy hair and skin

■ Marula oil skin benefits are extremely calming and soothing, especially for sun-damaged skin

■ Linoleic acid helps balance blemish-prone skin


100% Unrefined Sclerocraya Birrea (Marula) Kernel Oil

Certified Organic and Cold-Pressed

+How To Use

Apply 3-4 drops to clean face, neck, chest, cuticles or any place needing increased moisture, ideally after water based products. Can applied both day and night. Use our Marula Oil for hair to combat split ends or frizz.

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    Leslie V.
    United States United States
    My order

    I didn’t receive my Marula Oil. Just the Rose Quartz Facial Roller. I didn’t receive any correspondence about the oil or why it wasn’t with my order and I still haven’t received it. Pretty bummed out. I like the facial roller though but paid for both!

    Karen D.
    United States United States

    Oil is a wonderful addition to my skincare routine. Recommend this oil easy to use and absorb into skin.

    I Love This Stuff!

    This Marula oil from this brand and company is outstanding. It�s priced right and it feels beautiful on my skin. It keeps my skin soft and hydrated. I recommend this!

    Caitlyn B.
    If you�re on the fence, just go for it. This is a skincare miracle.

    I used to use marula oil years ago and LOVED it. I only stopped using it because my bottle spilled, and I could decide on which of the many brands available that I wanted to get. So I kind of just forgot about it and have been using other regular moisturizers. I finally decided to give this one a go, and I am so happy I did. I honestly forgot how amazing marula oil makes my skin feel. My skin hasn�t been this balanced in YEARS. I feel so moisturized, and at the same time my skin in LESS oily when I use this. And I definitely feel like my skin looks younger when I use this regularly. The deep moisturization (is that a word?) makes me look more well rested and my fine lines much less noticeable.

    Works like a charm

    I love this. It does great. I only use coconut oil due to my face breaking out when I use anything else but Marika oil works great.

    Want to one-up that youthfully vibrant glow?