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Sdara Skincare Microneedle Roller 2.0

Our best selling microneedle roller got even better! Max out your skin’s radiance with our new Patent-Pending, dermatologist-recommended .25mm dermaroller, but with more complexion-boosting upgrades.


■  192 real stainless steel needles. Titanium disks work well but real needles will give better results over time.

■ Replacement twist-off heads—no need to buy a whole new roller. We've upgraded our 2.0 version to save you time and extra coin.

■ Ergonomic design and luxury look. The smooth matte finish will make you want to spend more time on self-care. 

■ 83% less plastic. We've upgraded to a protective cap to reduce our footprint and provide you with more convenience with a cap that also works as a cup to sanitize your roller.


192 Stainless Steel Needles

+How To Use

1. Sanitize roller in alcohol solution before and after each use.

2. Wash and pat skin dry.

3. Apply a medium pressure. Roll back and forth in desired area for 4-5 times. Switch direction.

4. Apply moisturizer or repairing serum after use.

5. Use once a week for optimal results. 

6. Replace roller head once every 1-2 months if using frequently.

Derma Roller 2.0

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