Rose Quartz Roller

Get the glow - Be blown away by a younger and more radiant YOU. Prepare yourself to see even skin tone in the mirror that it might shock you, until you remember that you used our Sdara Skincare Rose Quartz Roller!

Slow down aging (if you want to) - Bless yourself with aging gracefully. You'll think, "Woah! What happened to that wrinkle? Why are my pores so small?" Because that's the power of collagen reproduction and lymphatic drainage from our little pink miracle worker.

Product Penetration - Your products will apply effortlessly with increased absorption! Massage products into your skin for increased effectiveness.

Treat Yourself - You'll want to roll our roller all over your body! That's what one of our Sdara beauty gurus had to say. It's the best to soothe irritated skin.

Want to one-up that youthfully vibrant glow?